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Posted on: July 3,2020 at 12:57 am

  1. tomatometers – 7,7 / 10 star
  2. USA
  3. 116Minute
  4. creators – Jordan Peele
  5. rating – 196796 vote





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I am not a fan of Jordan Peele, so I didn’t go into this movie expecting anything amazing or gente defining. What I got was a serviceable suspense movie that had some well done cinematography and some convincing acting by the main cast. The film itself did nothing new or unique, and I’ve felt like I’ve seen this same story told so many times, that even the ending was cliche and expected. What it felt like was an overly long Twilight Zone episode that had some ham fisted imagery and allegory, but didn’t quite know the best way to present it.
Overal, I don’t realky have much to say about the film. It wasn’t scary, it was original, and it was somewhat cliched. But did I enjoy it anyway? I can’t say that I did. It was just meh to me, to be perfectly honest. I didn’t think about it much after it was over, and if I find a movie to be that forgettable, it must not have been as good as people were making it out to be.
An average film overall, stay for the acting and the cinematography.

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Strange film, it’s a mixture of a thriller come satire or horror
Keeps your attention though, however was expecting a bit more going on overall IMB rating and reading some respected critic reviews.
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Jordan Peele is excellent. Loved his Run and BlacKkKlansman and I was super hyped to watch this one.
Well, bummer. Awful movie. Even though it has excellent actors, nice photography, the whole movie makes absolutely no sense at all. It’s all a huge confusion that mislead the watcher the whole time.
2/10 (only because of the actors.

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